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Fairy Light Canopy is a way to enhance your venue, outside space or wedding aisle. My Fairy Light canopies will create a stunning effect where ever they are fitted. I have 2 types of fairy lights that are suitable for canopies both are warm white one uses white rubber cable that is perfect for large fairy light canopies and clear cable that is suited for a fairy light wedding aisle canopy. Check out our Buy Real Phentermine Online 2014 for more Ideas. The pictures below are showing a white rubber cabled warm white fairy light canopy in the Radiance Blu Hotel Manchester. The Clock Tower in Sandhole Oak Barn fitted with a Starlight canopies  and a village hall in the Lakes. Please click on the Fairy Light Canopy pictures to view them full size.

fairy light canopy radiance blu manchester  Fairy Light Canopy clock tower fairy lit canopy fairy light canopy owen house wedding barn

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I can provide a 4 or 6 meter wide Fairy Light Wedding Aisle Canopy perfect for your grand entrance. The two pictures below are from Victoria Warehouse and show my 4 meter wide Wedding Aisle aisle fairy light canopy  wedding fairy lights

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