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Black Cable Festoon Lighting

Black Cable Festoon Lighting  is the perfect way to create the festival feel at your event.Black Cable Festoon Lighting You can place them outside or inside the glow from the 15w real lamps provide a lovely rustic feel to the lighting.

I have two types of Black Cable Festoon Lighting one with  60cm lamp spacing with a 6 inch tail.  Up to 6 can be connect together with 15w real lamps or around 200 meters with 2w led lamps. The other is a 100 meter length with 15w real lamps spaced every meter. Both are IP44 rated making them perfect for temporary outside installation.

Barn Festoon Lighting

The pictures below show black cabled 15w real lamps mains festoon lighting in different barns through the Northwest. In Owen House Wedding Barn Cheshire the festoon lights are fitted to the steel beams. I love the way the lamps are on a little 6 inch tail they will look great with paper lanterns. I can fit a dimmer to them if you wish to lower the light output in the evening. The festoon lighting provides the right amount of lighting in the barn.

 festoon lighting  Festoon-Wedding-Lighting-in-Owen-House-Wedding-Barn

festoon lighting in a wedding barn  festoon lighting in a barn

The two pictures above show festoon lights in a wedding barn. the lighting provided a rustic feel to the wedding just what my clients wanted. Festoon Lighting Canopy at the Terrace Suite in Worsley Marriott (is the picture below). The outside area look absolutely stunning when the sun went down. Around 50 meters was used to light up the Terrace, the glow from the 15w real lamps was amazing.

 Festoon Lighting Canopy at the Worsley Marriott  festoon lighting canopy


Black Cable Festoon Lighting in the Lovely Village of Heyrod, for the Whit Friday Band Contest. 100 meters of festoon lighting was put up over the street to provide a stunning evening setting for the brass band contest. the pictures was taken at dusk in the rain. I was told it looked amazing when it went dark.

festoon lights over the street for saddleworth band contest  Heyrod Village Brass Band Contest Fesstoon Lights