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Antrobus Village Hall

Antrobus Village Hall Wedding Lighting

I have provided my wedding mood lighting service a few times in Antrobus Village Hall. It has a great local community feel to it, as lots of the locals help out in the running and up keep of the building.

The first set of pictures are showing my purple wedding lighting in Antrobus Village Hall.

Purple mood lighting in Antrobus Village Hall Cheshire  Purple-uplighting-in-Antrobus-Village-Hall-Cheshire The next two pictures show pink and purple wedding lighting in the Village Hall.
Antrobus-village-hall-with-pink-and-blue-uplighting  pink and blue uplighting in antrobus village hall
Blue wedding lighting was selected in the two pictures below, the pictures was taken during setup in the day light.
antrobus-village-hall-blue-wedding-lighting  blue-wedding-lighting-in-antrobus-village-hall-wedding

The fee for Up Lighting fully fitted and removed after the event is £325. Not a lot to pay for totally transforming the Village Hall.