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Fishermans Retreat Wedding Lighting

I have provided wedding lighting in the lovely Fishermans Retreat at Ramsbottom for many weddings and open evening’s. The Fishermans Retreat is famous for its fine food, selection of whiskeys and set in fantastic location all in all a top class wedding venue. The pictures on this web page show lots of different colours both inside and outside the Ratcliffe Suite. Look how vibrant the room looks with the blue or pink wedding lighting.

blue wedding lighting  pink wedding lighting

Fishermans Retreat Wedding Lighting  Fishermans Retreat wedding lighting
Pinkish purple wedding up lighting was Steph’s wedding colours at the Fishermans Retreat. It was nice to see the venue staff ironing the tablecloths during the room setup its the little bits that make the room look great.
wedding-lighting-hire-in-the-fishermans-retreat-bury  Fishermans Retreat Ramsbottom wedding lighting
Wedding mood lighting can transform the Fishermans Retreat in to a WOW wedding venue. In the pictures below it shows lilac lighting in the function room. the first two pictures show the room in the daytime.

fishermans retreat bury lilac wedding ighting  fishermans retreat bury lilac up-lighting

lilac-mood-lighting-in-the-fishermans-retreat-bury  lilac-wedding-lighting-in-the-fishermans-retreat-bury
Light Pink was the colour selected by Daniel for her wedding in the Ratcliffe Suite at the Fishermans Retreat.
pink-wedding-lighting-in-the-fishermans-retreat  pink-wedding-mood-lighting-in-the-fishermans-retreat

outside-lights-at-the-fishermans-retreat  Red Wedding Lighting

festoon wedding lighting   fishermans retreat festoon lights
Waterproof outdoor lighting on the stone walls on the decking area looks amazing at night.

My fee for Wedding or Event Lighting in the Ratcliffe Suite at the Fishermans Retreat, Ramsbottom is £275 fully fitted on your colour and removed after. The outside lighting as so many options please get in touch for a price.

To find out more about the Fishermans Retreat please click the >link< To find out more about how lighting can make this a stunning venue pick up the phone or send me a email.