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Irish Centre Wedding Lighting

Irish Centre Wedding Lighting. I had the pleasure of providing my wedding mood lighting service in the fantastic new Irish World Heritage Centre, Its so much nicer than the old center. Due to the height of the room I used my high power uplighters to ensure that the walls had colour right to the top.

Irish World Heritage Centre wedding lighting stary-night-ceiling-and-wedding-lighting-in-the-world-irish-center-manchester

Pink and Purple was the colours picked for this wedding pictured above in the Irish World Heritage Centre.  The wedding below wanted blue with a bit of red, I set the lights on 100% blue and 10% red this created a hint of purple in the light output just what they wanted.

irish-world-heritage-centre-wedding-lighting  irish-world-heritage-centre-manchester-wedding-lighting

Irish Centre Wedding Lighting irish-world-heritage-centre-manchester-wedding-lighting-in-the-evening-2

The colours picked were purple and teal this is a first time I have used these two colours together, in the first 2 pictures they show the room during the morning set up.

Irish World Heritage Centre Irish World Heritage Centre wedding lighting Evening brings the room alive with colour with the purple and teal up lighting.
wedding lighting in Irish World Heritage Centre Irish World Heritage Centre wedding lighting

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