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Kilhey Court Wedding Lighting

Kilhey Court Wedding Lighting. Set in a manor house next to Worthington Reservoir, this Victorian-style hotel. Surrounded by landscaped gardens, perfect for my outside lighting. In the pictures below, I provided Winter Wonderland Wedding lighting in the Lakeside Suite this includes 4 snowflake projection lights, wedding monogram and 24 blue mood lights. This fully transformed the Lakeside Suite at Kilhey Court in to a winter wonderland paradise. You dont have to have blue mood lighting. I can provide most colours with my wedding lighting services.

Kilhey Court Wedding Lighting  winter-wonderland-blue-wedding-lighting-with-projected-snowflakes-at-Kilhey-Court-Hotel-Wigan

Kilhey-Court-Hotel-winter-wonderland-blue-wedding-lighting-with-projected-snowflakes  Kilhey Court Wedding Lighting