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Manchester Town Hall Wedding UpLighting

I have had the pleasure of providing my mood lighting in the lovely Manchester Town Hall many times. I love providing my wedding lighting in the town hall, its such a stunning venue. Manchester Town Hall is in my opinion the most stunning wedding venue in Manchester city centre.

manchester town hall

pink-staircase-at-manchester-town-hallThe two grand staircases are a good place to start it takes around 15 lights on each staircases to illuminate them correctly, the orange-wedding-lighting-on-the-grand-starcase-in-manchester-town-hallpink picture show my old lighting units the  orange picture is my new lights they are twice as bright.

The picture on the top left is showing the great hall in pink I also used 2 heart projection lights on the organ. 42 Uplights was used to create the look that my bride wanted.

The uplights that I use are high power 5 in 1 LED’s they provide more vibrant colours that standard uplighting can not, yet give out no heat and only use little power. I can safely use the plug sockets in the great hall.

Contact details for Manchester town hall can be found >>here<< Below is a selection of pictures showing my wedding lighting. If you have any questions please pick up the phone or drop me a email. My contact info is at the bottom of the page.

The Great Hall UpLighting

I love putting my lights in the Great Hall It takes from 36 to 48 lights lights to fully bring the room alive with colour the more lights you pay for better it will look. The two pictures show how good it looks with the wedding lighting set on pink.

manchester-town-hall-pink-organ  great-hall-with-pink-mood-lighting-in-manchester-town-hall

uplighting  grooms-wedding-day-speach-in-the-great-hall-at-manchester-town-hall

purple and orange up lighting in manchester town hall  Indian wedding lighting

The two pictures above was taken with the daylight coming through the windows look how colourful the lighting is.

blue mood lighting  Blue uplighting

Banqueting Hall

I have provided Up Lighting in the Banqueting Hall inside Manchester Town Hall a few times.

Red lighting looked outstanding in the Banqueting Hall, the red uplights worked well with the reds on the wallpaper to create a amazing colour, The pictures show the room from both ends.
manchester town hall wedding lighting  manchester town hall red wedding lighting
The pictures show Blue Mood Lighting for a winter wonderland wedding, from both ends of the Banqueting Hall. 
Blue uplighting in the Banqueting Hall  blue mood lighting

Here are a mix of Cerise/Fuschia, Blue and Purple for the mood lighting hire in the Banqueting Hall.

Cerise Wedding lighting  Pink and Purple mood lighting in manchester town hal
Cerise up lighting  Cerise mood lighting

blue uplighting in manchester town hall  Banqueting Hall wedding lighting
Purple uplighting was the colour picked in the 2 pictures above. Look in the picture above and you will see how the wood paneling effects the colour of the lights, with the bottom looking pink and the top looking blue although the colour was purple.

I now provide a Table Pin Spotting service that will look fantastic in Manchester town hall along with my mood lighting.