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The Red Hall Bury is a lovely hotel with easy access just off the motorway. purple uplighting in bury

The Holcombe Suite is the largest of the function rooms at the Red Hall. With its own private lounge and bar area, is the perfect setting for weddings.

Wedding Lighting hire from Peter Lockwood will bring the Holcombe Suite alive with your choice of colour.

If you dont see the colours you like in the pictures give me a ring. I can pop up with a couple of lights for a demo. To find out more about the hotel click on the link Buy Real Phentermine Online 2014

Below is Gold Wedding lighting in the Holcombe Suite in the Red Hall Hotel Bury.

red hall hotel gold wedding lighting  Red Hall Hotel Bury Wedding Lighting

The pictures below show the Red Hall hotel with Blue wedding lighting in the Holcombe Suite. The pictures was taken during the daytime, with the all new decor. The changes made to the room make it so much better.

red hall   red hall hotel

The next set of pictures show the Holcombe Suite with purple wedding lighting, with its low ceiling you get a good colour spread.

wedding lighting  wedding uplighting

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