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Shrigley Hall Wedding Lighting

Shrigley Hall Wedding Lighting I have had the pleasure of supplying wedding lighting hire in the lovely Tilden Suite at Shrigley Hall Hotel Cheshire many times. The Tilden Suite, located in the converted Chapel, it has a striking dome roof and original features from the 18th Century, is an fantastic wedding venue and a perfect room for my mood lighting to enhance all the features of this unique venue. It takes around 24 floor standing high power up lights to bring the Tilden Suite alive, please click on the pictures to increase the size. 

Rainbow coloured wedding lighting is shown in the first 2 pictures in the The Tilden Suite.

wedding up lighting  Rainbow Wedding Lighting

Purple was the selected colour for Peters wedding lighting in the Tilden Suite, the pictures show the wedding lighting on all 4 sides of the room.

Shrigley Hall Wedding Lighting  tilden-suite-at-shrigley-hall-purple-wedding-lighting

purple-buffy-table-wedding-lighting-in-the-tilden-suite-at-shrigley-hall  Shrigley Hall Wedding Lighting

Gold was the colour selected by Samantha for her wedding lighting in the Tilden Suite along with stars projected on to the lovely dome ceiling. If you look at the picture below in between the staff you can see the light I used to project the stars.

tilden suit at shrigley hall hotel  dome roof in the tilden suite

tilden suit at shrigley hall hotel wedding lighting  wedding lighting at shrigley hall hotel

Blue UpLighting was the colour picked by Mr and Mrs Roebuck for there wedding at Shrigley Hall.

blue wedding lighting cheshire  mood lighting Shrigley Hall Hotel

Shrigley Hall Hotel with pink uplighting  The Tilden Suite at Shrigley Hall Hotel with Pink wedding Lighting

Pink Wedding Mood Lighting  Shrigley Hall Hotel with Pink Up Lighting

Pink mood lights looks fantastic in the Tilden Suite, The full room came alive with colour. The only down side was the hotel staff placed a table over one of the lights, look at the bottom picture on the right, the table is next to the door on the left of the picture.
Tilden Suite orange wedding lighting hire Tilden Suite at Shrigley Hall Hotel Cheshire

Orange was selected for Katie’s Wedding in the Tilden Suite. I can also provide a background music speakers and radio microphones for your speeches, along with table spotting lights perfect for highlighting your table centers.
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