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Village Urban Resort Blackpool Wedding Lighting.

 I was asked to provide Red and Gold lighting for Bennie’s Wedding in the Inspiration suite at the Village Hotel Blackpool. The Inspiration suite took around 30 lighting units to get the effect that I wanted. The high powered LED lights that I use put colour on the dark curtains. I also used 4 moving heads to give some light on the dance floor.

red and gold asian wedding lighting in blackpool de vere village hotel blackpool-de-vere-village-hotel-indian-wedding-lightingVillage-Hotel-Blackpool-red-and-gold-wedding-lighting blackpool-de-vere-village-hotel-wedding-lighting
Wedding-first-dance-in-the-clouds-in-Village-Blackpool-Hotel Village-Hotel-Blackpool-wedding-first-dance-in-the-cloudsFor the Wedding First Dance I used my Dry Ice machine to add something special for the Wedding celebrations.