Star Projection

Stars are perfect for an entrance shining on the floor or on a ceiling,They would look fantastic at a award ceremony or charity function as well as a wedding. I can project up to 6 images at a time this will fill the largest of venues.
shrigley hall hotel stars

Star ProjectionTwo lights was used to project the star image on to the ceilings sine by side on the picture on the left and at opposite sides sides of the room in the picture on the right, the stars are still visible on the dome ceiling at Shrigley Hall Hotel with the sunlight busting through the windows.

Reach for the stars was the theme for the year 6 school prom at Crosslee School. I used 4 star projection lights and 16 led lights set on blue and purple.

starry-night-ceiling-for-a-school-prom purple-and-blue-lighting-at-a-prom stars-on-the-roof-at-tatton-park

Four star projection lights was used to provide a stars on the ceiling at Tatton Park above. The video below shows 4 sets of stars projected on the ceiling at the Tilden Suite in Shrigley Hall Hotel Cheshire.