Nawaab Wedding Lighting

The Nawaab restaurant in Manchester as a nice function room called the Ottoman suite on the first floor. I have provided full room mood lighting as in the pictures below. The pictures look great with the house lights on full, they will look better when the house lights are turned off or dimmed. As the Ottoman suite as a high ceiling, I used my led par 64 uplights to fill the room with colour.

Nawaab Manchester with cerise up lightingmood lighting in Nawaab Manchester

The Ottoman suite at Nawaab’s as a large stage. I have also provided stage lighting to add some colour on the drapes at the back of the stage.

purple uplighting at nawaabsstage in the Ottoman suite at Nawaabswedding up lightingasian wedding uplighting

Please note I am a independent supplier and not connected to the venue in any way. If you want to make an enquiry regarding booking the venue the website link is >>here<<