Fairy Light Cube

I found a picture online showing a massive fairy light tent as they call it in Bali.Fairy Light Cube

It give me the idea of seeing if I can make something like it. I use warm white fairy lights not bright white like the picture. It is fully waterproof so great for inside or outside.

For a test I set up a 3×3 meter cube with fairy lights, I do have enough stock to make it 15 x 18 meters that would look amazing.

I have a very good working relationship with Victoria Warehouse who let me use Bay 2 for setting it up. If you think It can fit in with your wedding plans please get in touch I would love to make a big Wedding Tent in sunny manchester. It will also work with the sides fassen back for you to get married in like a Huppa, Clubber or a Wedding Pergola. It would also make stunning entrance to your venue or Marque.

fairy light wedding box  Fairy light Cupid's cube

wedding pergola filled with fairy lights  fairy light wedding box