Rochdale Town Hall Wedding UpLighting

Rochdale Town Hall Wedding UpLighting. Rochdale’s stunning grade one Victorian Gothic town hall is renowned worldwide for its unique architecture. Rochdale Town Hall is a popular wedding venue that will provide lasting memories for years to come. It is one of a few buildings where the bride can make a grand entrance by walking down a fantastic staircase. My wedding uplighting can complement the stunning architecture of Rochdale Town Hall.

rochdale town hall uplighting hire UpLighting in Rochdale Town Hall

Red Uplighting was provided for Miguel and Stuart’s Wedding. Around 30 uplights was placed on the bench seats and stage and a couple of lights fitted at the bottom of the staircase for the wedding cermorey. My high power uplights can provide lighting right to the top of the Great Hall. When getting quotes for uplighting in rochdale town hall ask them how powerful their lights are. Mine have nine 10w led chips they are among the most powerful led uplights on the market

red wedding uplighting red wedding up lighting Rochdale Town Hall Wedding UpLighting

At this wedding I provides 30 led dusty pink wedding uplights all around the great hall, all the pictures was taken during the daytime the great hall would have looked even more stunning in the evening.

wedding lighting in rochdale town hall rochdale-town-hall-pink-wedding-lighting pink-wedding-lighting-in-rochdale-town-hall