Festoon Lighting Hire

Festoon Lighting is a great way to provide the finishing touches to wedding venues. Perfect if you are wanting that festival or rustic look at your event. I have two types of Festoon lighting the first is traditional Black or White rubber cable with BC fitments with a lamp spacing of 1/2 or 1 meter. We carry a stock of 15w filament golf ball lamps and 40w frosted along with 2w or 4w warm white led (great if power is a problem of you want a bit more light output. The 3 pictures below are at Worsley Park Marriott on the Terrace.

Festoon Lighting Canopy  15w festoon lamp  Festoon Lighting Canopy at the Worsley Marriott

LED Festoon Lighting

LED Warm White White Cable Festoons are fantastic for any event. I have 200 meters of warm white led festoon lights in stock available for hire. The LED festoons strings are 5 meters in length with a globe spacing of 50cm. This makes them very flexible in lighting venues or outside areas. Up to 150 meters can be ran of a single plug.  

Led festoon lighting  White Cable LED Festoon Lighting  Bluecoat Chambers Wedding led Festoon Lights

240v Real Festoon Lighting

Black Cable Festoon Lighting The 15w lamps provide a lovely warm feel of a old fashion glass lamp perfect for a rustic wedding. 100 meters can be run on a single plug with a 1 meter lamp spacing  If you use the 2w led lamps you can get around 300 meters from a single plug.

rustic wedding festoon lighting  farm festoon lighting  Festoon Lights

white cable festoon lighting   Nature Reserve Wedding Lighting  wedding barn

The two pictures below show the festoon string lighting with a 1 meter spacing at The Gathering at Edale in the Peak District.

rustic festoon lighting  festoon and building lighting