Stables Country Club Wedding Lighting

I have provided my wedding lighting service a few times in the Horseshoe Suite part of the Stables Country Club at the Boholt Country Park Hotel. The Horseshoe Suite is perfect for uplighting due to its low roof, white walls in places and lack of windows.

The first set of pictures show my wedding lighting in dusty pink, I also provide the Wedding Disco in the Horseshoe Suite.

dusty-pink-wedding-mood-lighting-in-the-horseshoe-suite-at-the-Boholt Country Park dusty-pink-wedding-uplighting-in-the-horseshoe-suite-at-the-bolholt-bury

The next set of pictures show my wedding mood lighting in orange again in the Horseshoe Suite set for the wedding ceremony.
orange-wedding-lighting-in-the-horseshoe-suite-at-the Boholt Country Park orange-wedding-lighting-in-the-bolholt-buryorange-wedding-mood--lighting-in-the-horseshoe-suite-at-the-bolholt-bury wedding-orange-lighting-in-the-horseshoe-suite-at-the-bolholt,-bury

The last set of pictures show purple wedding lighting and dry ice in the clouds moments in the Horseshoe Suite , it was one of the most romantic weddings I have ever been involved with.
wedding ceromery setup in the bolholt hotel bury Stables Country Club horseshoe suite