Village Hotel Bury UpLighting Hire.

Village Hotel Bury UpLighting Hire I provided red uplighting in the main function room and silk flame lights and red uplighting in the bar area in the lovely Village Hotel Bury for Crown Oil’s Christmas party on a cold February evening.

The brown walls are not the best to work with lucky the clients picked red it looked fantastic.
village hotel Bury wedding lighting hire mood lighting in village hotel Bury

After last years Crown Oil’s Christmas party myself and Alison from Party Essence came up with bright colours for there Vegas Christmas Party theme we will start planning for 2015 very soon. Alison provided all the chair covers and table centerpieces. I provided the lighting at both of the events.

village hotel bury lighting village hotel bury
Inspiration Suite bury bury wedding lighting

The Inspiration Suite bar area is where the casino tables are going.  I also placed 5 lights set on the same colours to bring life to the bar area.
Inspiration Suite bar  event lighting

Back again for the Crown Oil Event and they picked Red again. I used my 1 meter light bars to fully wash the walls with colour.

red-event-lighting-at-the-village-hotel-bury  village-hotel-bury-with-red-event-lighting