Edison Lamps

My Edison Lamp Clusters are a rustic way to light your top table or lots of tables. I carry 2 types in stock standard board is approx 18 inch perfect fitted over tables.Edison lighting board with foliage for a industrial wedding For the top table my big board approx 2 meters you can fit up to 3 together to make a 6 meter Edison Top Table fitting. . The boards are fitted with a mix of Edison Filament Lighting and different lengths of Braided Antique Brown cables. The lamps give out a lot of heat I can fit cages to the lamps to reduce the risk touching the hot lamps I also think that they look amazing with the cages fitted on the Edison lamps. We carry a stock of different types of 40w Edison Lamps. Real Edison Lamps look so much better than the LED copies that we also stock.

Vintage style lighting backdrop and Wedding Aisle The Edision backdrop is 3 or 6 meters wide, 3 meters is perfect for the back of a Wedding Aisle and the 6 meter version for behind the top table.

vintage edison wedding lighting for a industrial wedding  edison lamp wedding backdrop

edison lamp cluster   Edison light Clusters

edison lamp cages edison lamps with cages fitted

The big Edison Lamp Cluster can also be used to light the band area as shown in pictures taken at Park House Barn. I use 40w Edison Filament Lamps in a mix of sizes and styles to create stunning lighting effects. The Edison Filament Lighting can be fitted with dimmers to make the filaments stand out more.

Edison Lamp Clusters festoon and edison lights edison lamp backdrop