Inglewood Manor UpLighting.

Inglewood Manor UpLighting. Inglewood Manor is a wedding venue that has it all, a lovely nice driveway, a nice welcome from the staff and lovely old world oak panelled function suites. This is where my Wedding UpLighting comes in to its own. My client selected Purple for her Wedding Lighting, Red and Gold will also look great on the oak panelling.

Inglewood Manor UpLighting by Peter Lockwood Events  purple wedding lighting at inglewood manor.

Inglewood Manor  Inglewood Manor Wedding Lighting

When I was fitting the UpLighting in the above pictures a couple was being shown round, They booked the Red uplighting below for there Inglewood Manor Wedding Uplighting.

red-wedding-event-lighting-in-inglewood-manor  Inglewood Manor UpLighting by Peter Lockwood Events