Wedding Monogram

Do you want something different at your wedding? What about about having a wedding monogram, your name or initials in lights at your monogram 

We can project the wedding monogram on the outside of your wedding venue with my outside rated projector and on your dance floor or walls in your wedding venue. Your names or initials and your wedding date in variety of designs, can be etched on a glass gobo and projected at your wedding on the dance floor or anywhere you want it. 

Best of all as its a one off design, I will give you the gobo after your wedding to keep forever as a memento of your big day. Check out my Pinterest Board for Ideas 

wedding-monogram-outside-the-oak-room-at-the-white-hart-saddleworth  wedding monogram  wedding monogram

Imagine instead of the words Bride and Groom its your names with your date.

Wedding Monogram 1

Wedding Monogram 1

Wedding Monogram 2

Wedding Monogram 2

Wedding Monogram 3

Wedding Monogram 3

Wedding Monogram template

Wedding Monogram 4


Wedding Monogram 5


Wedding Monogram 6


Wedding Monogram 7


Wedding Monogram 8


Wedding Monogram 9


Wedding Monogram 10


Wedding Monogram 11


Wedding Monogram 12




Monograms  below show the Wedding Monograms in use. Monogram 12 along with my wedding lighting in the Dunkenhalgh Hotel, Blackburn. My client wanted the Monogram in pink to match the uplighting.
The other pictures below show Monogram 11 and Monogram 4. Please click on the pictures to make them bigger.
wedding name projection  wedding monogram  big-wedding-monogram-in-the-hilton-manchester

wedding-monogram-at-worsley-court-house  wedding monogram monogram