Victoria Warehouse Bays Wedding Lighting

The Bays in Victoria Warehouse are a stunning blank space for you to transform into the Wedding Venue of your Dreams. I can provide lots of different types of wedding lighting in The Bays at Victoria Warehouse. victoria warehouse wedding monogram fairy light canopy and backdropMood lighting to bring the brick walls alive, along with Fairy Lights to add the sparkle. The warm white fairy lights I use are on clear cable allowing you to see more of the light and less of the cable. You can also personalise your Wedding some more with a Wedding Monogram your name and date on the aisle of back wall over the top table.

A dimmer can be fitted allowing you to dim the fairy or edison lights for the evening party time to help to create a party atmosphere.

The pictures are in the Bays at Victoria Warehouse. The minimum order is 8 pillars I can do all 21 if you wish, add a fairy light canopy and a fairy light backdrop. Thats your wedding lighting sorted.

Victoria Warehouse Wedding Lighting Fairy Light Columns fairy lights in Victoria WarehouseVictoria Warehouse the Bays wedding fairy lit aisle in the bays at victoria warehouse fairy light hire

Fairy light Canopy in the Bays at Victoria Warehouse. I have two types one is more delicate than the other or you can have icicle lights for a twinkly type canopy. The fairy light backdrop is just under 3 meters high can be as small as 2 meters or up to 24 meters wide, 6 meters wide is the normal size for a top table.

wedding aisle fairy light canopy fairy lights wedding fairy lights

My pride and joy is the Edison Lamp Clusters, they look amazing and fit in the style of the Bays at Victoria Warehouse perfect. The Edison Lamp Cluster boards I use have 8 lights fitted at different heights any styles of lamps.

vintage edison lamps  Edison light Clusters  vintage wedding lighting

manchester festoon lighting hire  festoon lighting canopy

wedding up-lighting in manchester's Victoria Warehouse  uplighting and fairylights in manchester

By using a backdrop or drapes you can hide bits of the venue from your guests like the dj/ band area or the kitchen serving area or fill the full back wall.

wedding backdrop  black draping fairy light backdrop

Cotton Sheds

I provided 10 random placed Fairy lit pillars on the mezzanine level in the cotton sheds for a corporate event.

victoria warehouse cotton sheds   cotton sheds column fairy lights