Naked Backdrop

My Naked Fairy Light Backdrop is a great way to put some light in a dark venue and make a statement at the same time.large wedding fairy light backdrop

Fairy Light Backdrop

Fairy Light Naked Backdrop can go up to 3 meters high and as wide as you want the picture on the right is 18 meters wide in Hope Mill Theater. The frame is available in white or black to blend in with the background.

The backdrops below are 6 Meters Wide and 3 meter high in the Bays at Victoria Warehouse. Perfect for Top Tables or Cermorey Aisles. Note the fairy lights are the same shade on the pillars and the backdrop a lovely warm white.

naked wedding backdrop  fairy light wedding backdrop

wedding fairy lights  pealight backdrop

The pictures bottom left show a 12 meters wide 3 meters high Fairy Light Naked Backdrop in Dunham Forest Golf & Country Club. On the right is a 8 meter fairy light backdrop at Park House Barn Milnthorpe.

Fairy Light Backdrop  fairy light backdrop

Windows can look great with fairy lights, we have white frames that can blend in with white window frames. Like these 2 pictures in the Bellavista Milnrow and Hurlston Hall

hurlston hall wedding lighting  fairy light naked backdrop