Buile Hill Park Hall UpLighting

Buile Hill Park Hall Wedding Lighting

Buile Hill Park Hall UpLighting. I have supplied my Uplighting service in Buile Hill many times. Its a lovely room that looks fantastic with uplighting.

The Fuchsia Pink pictures show the uplighting on the pliers at the side of the dance floor. I had to fit them this way because of the guest count was high, that resulted in no room next to the walls.

As you can see the uplighting adds a extra dimension to a standard function room. It takes around 22 high power floor standing led uplighters to fully bring the room alive. Buile Hill Park Hall is in the middle of Buile Hill Park and operated by Salford city council. The venue is Licensed to hold wedding ceremonies and as a capacity of up to 350 guests. Please note I am a independent supplier and not connected to the venue. Contact details for booking Buile Hill can be found >> here <<

Below are lots of Pictures showing different colours of UpLighting in Buile Hill. Buile Hill Park Hall UpLighting will transform the venue Please get in touch if you want a quote for my lighting services.

pink uplighting in buile hill salford  Buile Hill Park Hall Wedding Lighting

uplighting in buile hill salford  orange up lighting

We can also supply room draping and  backdrops to go behind the toptable as well as uplighting in Buile Hill Park Hall