White Cable Festoon Lighting

White Cable Festoon Lighting. My Warm White LED Festoon lighting is a great way to provide subtle lighting at your event. They can be draped from beam to beam or wrapped round beams or pillars, like you would with fairy lights. The festoon lights strings are white rubber in colour and 5 meters in length, with a spacing of 1/2 a meter between globes. The are fully connectable up to 30 sets can be powered of a single 13amp plug (150 meters). The globes are shatterproof perfect for awkward installations and as they are LED the power draw is very low around 1w per meter. They are the perfect choice for any event.

festoon lights   White Cable Festoon Lighting

Festoon Lights are a alternative to fairy lights, my led festoon lighting creates a rustic, soft glow that can produce a perfect festival feel for your event.  You can add paper lanterns to the festoon lights safely due to the fact the led globe gives of no heat.

White Cable LED Festoon Lighting  White Cable Festoon Lighting

led festoon lighting  LED festoon lighting

LED Festoon Lights  wedding festoon lighting